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Universal Learning Centre FAQs

1. – What is Universal Learning Centre (ULC)?   ULC is a non-politically associated, non-governmental, not-for-profit organization, based in the United States, with IRS 501c3 status. ULC consists of a Board of Directors who governs the actions of the organization, and a staff who run the daily operations. The organization was incorporated in the State of Arizona on July 2005.  To read the mission of ULC, please refer to the Mission & Vision page.

 2 – When and why did Jacques Jean create ULC?   In 1988, at 19 years old, founder and President, Jacques M. Jean walked into a library for the very first time in his life. He knew immediately that a library was something desperately needed in his home country, Haiti. It became apparent to him that education is not simply teachers teaching students. Education is access to information, and Haitian students do not have that access. Jacques firmly believes in the adage that if you teach a person how to fish, he will feed himself for the rest of his life. For countries like Haiti, resource centers are integral to teaching people not only how to feed themselves, but to flourish. For more than a decade, Jacques has planned to make his dream a reality: to establish an organization that would build a resource center in Haiti. During that decade, he realized that if he could build a team of individuals capable of establishing a resource center in Haiti, he could bring resource centers to other disadvantaged countries in the same way.

 3 – Does ULC have any political affiliations?  No. ULC is a non-politically associated, non-governmental, not-for-profit 501c3 organization. ULC’s Board of Directors welcomes donations from governments that wish to improve education in the countries served by ULC.

 4 – What makes ULC unique?  ULC uses a unique approach to achieve its mission, starting with the belief that education is the foundation of communities, especially those in need. With that belief always in the forefront, ULC takes a Six Sigma approach with effective planning and use of resources. ULC first researches a community, with their collaboration, to pinpoint needs and measure the potential impact of proposed programs. We analyze the root cause of the problems in the community to understand from every angle how the problems affect the community. ULC then initiates a multi-faceted fundraising campaign and uses the funds to make the necessary changes and improve the community. Lastly, ULC measures its success and finally implements processes to control and maintain the integrity of the program.

5 – Does ULC give scholarships of any kind?   Not currently but in the future, ULC may act as liaison between students and sources of scholarships to facilitate access to funds for higher education. 

6 – Does ULC have any employment/intern opportunities?   ULC is currently accepting applications for consulting librarians. Please Contact Us to request an application. In the future, ULC will also offer a wide variety of internship opportunities. Check back frequently as we post positions that become available.   We always welcome volunteers. Click Here for more information. 

7 – Who can I contact if I have further questions about the ULC projects?  We are happy to answer any questions you have about ULC. Please Contact Us for more information. 

8 – What are the current focus areas?   The Board of Directors is currently focusing on two major projects:  1) an ongoing project in Pilate, Haiti where we are now building a guesthouse for volunteers and interns to use when they travel to Haiti to work with us and where we will be building a new facility to house our 25,000+ books and technology;  2) a new project in Ouamaminthe, Haiti for which we’ve been granted another 25,000 books from the Parliament Foundation of Quebec and will now begin renovating a facility and initiated programs.  With these two initiatives, of course, comes great financial need, so our Board of Directors is working diligently to raise funds and develop support from a wide variety of sources.

9 – How can I contribute to this initiative?   Your contributions help us in many ways.  We always accept donations of money, planned gifts and matching gifts, but we also accept gifts in kind and are glad to accept your tax deductible gifts of vehicles, materials, equipment, books (in French and Creole), and other items.  We also accept pledged securities.  For more info, please contact us at or 602.904.5363. 

For those who would like to do more than contribute financially, please consider volunteering on a committee.  Current committees include the Library Advisory Panel, Educational Programming Committee, Electricity & Internet Project, Construction Planning, and various focused Fundraising Committees.

We welcome friends to host fundraisers as we expand our circle. If you have an idea for a fundraiser at your church, school or other community organization, please contact us at

Some ideas for raising funds on your own for ULC are: 

  • Host a penny drive at your local school. We’ll roll the pennies for you!
  • Request that your church or community organization host a ULC fundraising dinner. We’ll provide you step-by-step details on how to plan and will provide you with the keynote speaker for the event.
  • Talk to your employer about matching your donation dollar for dollar!
  • Share this website with a friend! Word of mouth is the best advertising and is free. Please help us increase our exposure by sending our link to your friends and family.
  • Your help is much appreciated and greatly needed. Select the “Make a Donation” button on the right of this page and make any donation you like via major credit card or your PayPal account. 

 10. How can I become involved in an on-going basis?   There are many ways you might help ULC achieve its mission. First of all, please don’t forget to sign up and stay connected by filling out your name and email address in the “Keep Connected” box to the right. We will email periodic updates and newsletters, so please add us to your address book! Secondly, please Click Here for the many ways you can get involved in ULC. We look forward to your joining us in our mission! 

11 – Are donations tax-deductible?   Yes. As a U.S. nonprofit organization, we have our IRS 501©(3) status. When you make a donation, we will provide you with our tax ID number and an acknowledgement letter for tax purposes. 

12 – How can my company sponsor ULC?   Many corporations match donations to 501©(3) organizations. Ask your employer today if your company has such a program. Companies may also sponsor a specific wing or area of any library resource centre that ULC has in the works, and thus have the section of the building dedicated to them with a plaque placed in the library.  For more information, please contact us at

Please Contact Us for more information.

Learn more about how you can support our mission and vision to improve access to education and learning materials in developing countries. Contact Universal Learning Centre today for donation or volunteer opportunities.