Importance of Education

Our Approach to Educational Development

Driven by a measurement-based strategy that focuses on process improvement and reduction of variation, Universal Learning Centre’s unique approach to accomplishing its mission focuses on the principles of 5P and Six Sigma across all areas of the organization.

Six Sigma Methodology

Six Sigma Methodology

Partners:  We can’t do it alone. We join forces with donors like you to deliver the right service for the community most in need. 

Donors & Stakeholders
In recognition of the capital contributed by our donors, we accept a responsibility and a commitment to increase the value of their donation in our organization. The generation of high levels of impact, the distribution of above average dividends and the sustained enhancement of organizational value are foremost among our concerns. 

We aim to promptly apprise our donors of our strategic objectives and issues of significance for our profitability. In doing so, we afford our donors the security of knowing that their donation is wisely invested. 

Customers or Community 
We serve our community with efficiency and competence. Within our organization, they are the focal point of thought and action. 

Our goal is community satisfaction, underscored by sustained confidence in our facilities and services. We regard our customers’ wishes and requirements as a challenge to which we must rise. Our communities should derive added benefit by working hand and hand with Universal Learning Centre. Through the fast and far-reaching transfer of technology, we enable our communities to seize additional competitive advantages. 

Our combination of facility and services represents a total package for the community we serve. We combine expert, professional advice with the ability to deliver the desired quality, in the right quantity to the right community. 

The benefit to our communities, the quality and usefulness of our products and services begins with our suppliers. We therefore expect the same from our suppliers as we would wish to offer to our communities: competence, quality, reliability and flexibility. Such interaction with our suppliers requires transparency and partnership. Their appreciation of our specific requirements is a necessary and significant pre-condition for optimum community solutions. 

Our Standards 
We aspire to fairness, reliability, openness and mutual trust. 

Products:  Each facility is considered a product for the community we serve, hence the brand that differentiates our organization from others. 

We maintain our competitive edge in the field of education and technology by offering innovative, high-quality solutions and sophisticated services. We actively contribute to our communities’ long-term success and commitment. The solutions and services of Universal Learning Centre create added community value. 

The continuous development and refinement of our facilities and services is a fundamental aspect of our organization. 

We pride ourselves on recognizing rising trends in demand at an early stage, and on rapidly offering our communities intelligent solutions. In a spirit of partnership, we integrate both customers and suppliers into a process of joint development. 

In the field of learning centers and technology, Universal Learning Centre will offer consistent high quality from a single source. 

Every member of our workforce is responsible for the quality of their output. 

We stand by the principles of quality management that we have developed and documented. We meet our communities’ need for quality through expert, professional advice, through the perfection of our solutions and through compliance with the country we serve in. 

An essential element in our quality program is our commitment to continuously develop and refine our processes and pay constant heed to environmental lawn, safety and obey the lawn of the country we work in. 

Our Scope of Performance: 
We are experts in facilitating learning and technology.

Process: Learning Centre and Technology 
Our Learning Centre will mirror our corporate aspiration to rank among the leading international business organizations noted for high quality learning. 

Together with our internal and external partners in the field of education and library, we represent a competent and powerful network nurturing new ideas and developments. 

We regard the rapid utilization of innovative technology and the continuous development and refinement of effective learning as an important element in the competitive advantage enjoyed by Universal Learning Centre. 

The protection of the environment and the responsible use of our facilities and resources constitute an investment in the future of the world community. 

ULC’s organization is intended to secure maximum proximity to the community we serve, our customers, as well as our donors. To this end, our structure is oriented towards a centralized Learning Centre responsibility. The organization success is the common goal of every Learning Centre. To achieve this goal, we do not shy away from the country’s Learning Centre independent initiative. Decentralized initiative affords a freedom of decision and creativity which must be counterbalanced by mutual trust and collaboration, team spirit, abbreviated lines of decision and rapid communication. 

We face the challenges of the future with confidence in the knowledge that our organization will continue to mature. 

Our Network 
A competent and powerful network nurturing new developments. 

Personnel:  People that make an impact on what we love to do, which is to serve the world community. 

Our organization thrives on creativity, commitment, social and technical skills of our workforce. 

As a community based organization we will offer ambitious and attractive opportunities for employment (salary and volunteer). To enable our employees to develop and deploy their skills and talents, we are creating an environment which combines opportunity with scope, in which individuals can learn from one another, advance their qualifications and pursue their personal development. To recognize and promote the abilities and personal responsibility of every employee is a fundamental tenet of our corporate culture. 

In return, we expect enthusiasm and endeavor from every individual. Recognition of achievement and performance-related remuneration are a matter of course. Job security and the health and safety of our workforce are of major significance to us. 

We, as employees and volunteers of Universal Learning Centre are, to an extent, masters of our own destiny: we know what we are about, we are confident in what we can achieve, we believe in success and we act in concert. Our enthusiasm and our willingness to embrace change constitute a guarantee for the successful future of our organization.

Our management is characterized by cooperation and an orientation towards results. We stand by openness and trust in our communication, however difficult the situation. The prompt and full exchange of information is of primary concern to us. 

We are proud of our organization. 

Our Philosophy 
Our philosophy is to communicate with one another, to learn from one another and to act in concert. 

Profit: The value and impact we generate in every community we serve 

High level community impact is a reflection of our potential for achievement. With today’s impact we are laying a firm foundation upon which to secure and continue to build our organization tomorrow and in the future. 

The strategy of Universal Learning Centre is oriented towards the sustained generation of high impacts and the continuous enhancement of corporate value. Our balanced Six Sigma approach to pin point areas for improvement and prioritize those needs combined with sound financial structure constitute an excellent basis on which to proceed. 

Responsibility for the impact we generate is shared in equal measure by every member of staff. A high level of impact with a result-oriented mindset makes us attractive both to donors, stakeholders and to skilled employees and volunteers. In the eyes of our customers, too, it generates confidence in our long-term efficiency. 

Consistent management of costs is an essential aspect of high impact creation. Universal Learning Centre combines Six Sigma lean processes, optimally balanced inventories, low processing costs, technology and constantly rising productivity. 

We aim to exploit existing potential to reduce costs with greater alacrity. This includes the intensive utilization of synergies between corporate divisions and subsidiaries. 

Our workforce will consistently engage in cost management, above all through their focus on economic efficiency and entrepreneurialism. The desire to improve results is inherent in our activities. Every step towards optimizing costs is taken in full consideration of our donors and customers’ interests. We wish to become and remain their source of choice for education of choice and to entirely satisfy their quality requirements. 

We intend to strengthen and expand the market position occupied by Universal Learning Centre through significant community impact and growth. Besides the immediate benefit of high impact generator and value enhancement, this will afford us corporate freedom of movement and secure our self sustainability. 

We will continue to optimize our strategic areas of business by maintaining a careful balance between growth, risk and profitability. Our partnerships/acquisitions and investments in high-yield, future-oriented activities are concentrated on and around our core business: Learning Centre and technology. In making partnerships/acquisitions we aim to achieve industry leadership. 

In parallel with our growth in existing and new market segments, we attach great importance to enhancing skills and know-how. In turn, we build upon this competence to strengthen our competitive position. 

Our Strategy
Our strategy is to consistently generate impacts and increase value.

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