Importance of Education


Meet Joseph – My Inspiration to Volunteer – Education for All

I would like you to step back in time for a brief moment. Imagine your first memory of a book, a library. That leathery, sometimes musty smell.  Walking in sensing an important silence….a place of words, sentences and yes…. stories. Now imagine never having that experience………….. An experience everyone deserves, yet poverty, life […]

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2014 Courage in Learning Award Acceptance Speech – Tomas Stanton 10/11/14

First, I would like to thank Paul and everyone in this room who is here, in some way, shape or form – to support the Universal Learning Centre and its mission. I would also like to acknowledge my Big Brother HB, who unfortunately could not be here tonight because he […]

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Education and Libraries – Message from the Founder Jacques Jean

On January 12, 2010, many of you witnessed the devastation of the earthquake in Haiti. The first questions that likely arose in your mind are “how did this happen?”, followed by “what will it take to rebuild this country?” While the science of earthquakes is a little beyond the scope […]

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Millions of Kids Back to School – Maybe?

  Across the United States, millions of kids will be going back to school. Excitement and eager anticipation help youngsters prepare for the school year with new backpacks, cool pens and plenty of notepads. My sixth grade year was my most impactful. I remember the sheer joy in taking a […]

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My Multi-Lingual Sonata from Dominican Republic to Haiti.

I am always fascinated when traveling in any country, where my native English is not the first language. Over the years I have trained my ears to listen to the melody and rhythmic cadence specific languages offer, like a signature label. Traveling from Spanish speaking Dominican Republic to French/Creole speaking […]

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