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Blog, Guilt & a Guesthouse

You may have noticed the lack of posts lately on the blog.  Sorry for that!  All I can say is that honestly, I have no desire to write for the blog when I’m writing grant proposals and web content all day.  I really wish I did because the blog is […]

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Taken for Granted

Last week we had a power outage after a thunder storm.  For some reason, our block was out of power for about six hours.  I reacted in typical fashion by having a little meltdown.  It was a private meltdown, I didn’t inflict my irritation on anyone else, aside from an […]

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Kreyol Ayisyen

Haitian Creole has a short but rich history,  having emerged in the 1700s when the island of Hispaniola was occupied by French and Spanish colonialists.  Haitian Creole is distinct from other Creoles, like the Creole spoken in Louisiana, although they are very much related to one another.  Haitian Creole has […]

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Haitian Coffee Snob

I’m late in celebrating National Coffee Day, but in my world it’s always a good day to celebrate coffee, so no worries.  Before even getting started, I should mention that I’m very opinionated about coffee, probably a coffee “snob,” but I am also very simple in my taste for coffee. […]

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A Loaded Question by Michelle Lemenager

Once again, ULC is fortunate to have incredibly dedicated volunteers we can count on.  They do so much for us in so many ways.  Volunteer Michelle Lemenager was one of the instrumental team that set up our library in Pilate.  She brought with her experience from other developing countries and […]

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