Importance of Education

Our Volunteers Improve the Haiti Education System

Volunteers improve Haiti education system

Volunteers improve Haiti education system

Our organization thrives on creativity, commitment, social and technical skills of our workforce as we work to improve the Haiti education system by providing access to learning materials. To enable our employees to develop and deploy their skills and talents, we create an environment which combines opportunity with scope, in which individuals can learn from one another, advance their qualifications and pursue their personal development. To recognize and promote the abilities and personal responsibility of every employee is a fundamental tenet of our corporate culture. In return, we expect enthusiasm and endeavor from every individual. Recognition of achievement and performance-related remuneration are a matter of course. Job security and the health and safety of our workforce are of major significance to us.

We, as employees and volunteers of Universal Learning Centre are, to an extent, masters of our own destiny: we know what we are about, we are confident in what we can achieve, we believe in success and we act in concert. Our enthusiasm and our willingness to embrace change constitute a guarantee for the successful future of our organization.

Our management is characterized by cooperation and an orientation towards results, like improving the education system in Haiti. We stand by openness and trust in our communication, however difficult the situation. The prompt and full exchange of information is of primary concern to us.

As a community based organization we offer ambitious and attractive opportunities for employment (salary and volunteer). Currently a small team, we look forward to adding several new positions over the course of the next year. Please check back as we list positions that become available.

Join us as we work to improve the Haiti education system. Contact Universal Learning Centre today for donation or volunteer opportunities.