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Basic Science Partnership (BSP) at Harvard Medical School (HMS), founded in 1996, is an educational program designed to support K-12 science education. The outreach mission of BSP is carried out by faculty, predoctoral fellows and medical students. In its collaboration with classroom educators in schools and after-school programs, BSP attempts to enhance science education for middle school children in the Boston area. The goal of BSP is to make science come alive for students through hands-on discovery. BSP’s primary target is to reach inner city schools who face tremendous challenges because of limited resources. Material and intellectual resources and curriculum are developed by Harvard Medical School graduate and medical students for each BSP outreach. Their approach is to act as role models while demonstrating the process of scientific discovery. This curriculum includes a large range of disciplines such as biology, chemistry, astronomy and earth sciences. Through this work BSP has reached hundreds of young people.

Although their efforts have been focused mainly on Boston-area schools, such as, the New Mission High School, the Fenway School, Norwell High School, Boston Trinity Academy, the James W. Hennegan School and the Ephiphany School to mention a few, BSP has an international outreach program. In 2009, BSP teamed up with the Universal Learning Centre (ULC) to sponsor a trip to Haiti to set up and establish the very first library in Pilate. Along with other resources, BSP donated several computers to the library. This project was the first step to building a model community learning center in Pilate which can then be implemented throughout Haiti.

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